Wednesday, 14 September 2016

How to Root Android Device:
Rooting is one the unique equivalent of Jail-breaking, it means of unlocking the operating system so you can install unproved apps, delete unwanted apps, update the OS, replace the firmware and customize anything and 

Tips for taking faster screenshots in windows:
The default method of taking screenshots in Windows 10 is unsightly. Use these tips to take faster and better screenshots without the need for an other app.

Ways to customize the Windows 10 lock and sign-in screen:
Make your lock screen functional and your sign in screen minimalist.

Hide Drive Windows Operating System:
Hide any disk Drive without third party package.There area several free due software accessible to hide local drives, however.

Amazing Tricks to Speed Up PenDrive Data Transfer:
Pen Drives or USB are quite popular in the digital world for instant transfer of data. Using USB Flash Drives, one can easily transfer large files from one PC to another, from PC to another Device

MSVCP110.dll is Missing From Your Computer Fix:-

Windows Operating System may show you many different varieties of errors. But .dll errors are the most popular ones. Most of the times Users face .dll errors while installing any program on their PC.

Tracing A Website Using Command Prompt:-
Tracing or Routing a website using command prompt. This tip is only meant for educational purpose. I mainly use this trick to find out the hosting provider where a particular domain is hosted. Follow the below steps

Add Your Name or Application to Right Click of My Computer:

We can assign name in computer many place ex. On Right Click, In Control Panel etc. But this thing can be dangerous so Try at your own risk Because as it is related to Windows Registry.

Ways to Customize the taskbar in Windows:

How to get a Streamlined taskbar.


Advantage and Disadvantages of Rooting You Android Phone:

These are some of the advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting Any Android Device. It Voids your phone's Warranty-Once you root your phone, the manufacturer's warranty becomes void.

Change Windows 7 & 10 Computer Password without Knowing Old Password:

Now you can change any Windows PC password without knowing old password with the help of two methods one from CMD and second from Windows settings.

Increase The Size of Hard Disk Space UpTo 2TB in Windows 10(Fake Hard Drive):

You can add virtual disk in your computer from window setting. With this virtual disk feature., you can increase the size of your HDD in Window Computer.

Turn Off Background Data in Windows 10:

Windows 10 consumes lot of data in the background of windows updates, live tiles, apps update etc. Also windows 10 designed for unlimited internet data and windows.

Find Out Who Is Using Your Wi-Fi Network:

Check How Many devices currently using your WiFi Network with this amazing method.

Make Your Computer Faster and Perform Better:-
Sometime our PC start to perform very slow to Speedup PC. Follow some steps

Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed:-
We are going to share an easy trick on boosting your internet speed without upgrading your internet plan. To Boost and Increase Your Internet Speed without any app. Some easy methods to increase your internet speed.

Transfer Movies, Music etc Between two Laptops Using WiFi:-
This is easy and perfect solution for sharing data between laptops. Here we use Minishare and Shareit for transferring data between two Laptops using wifi but without Router.

RAR Password Recovery Software for Windows PC:-
Sometime we forget password of RAR. There are some crackers or recovery software for RAR password recovery.

Create Multiple ISO Files in One Bootable USB Disk:-
In these days are tired of managing five six different live CDs testing, troubleshooting and Installing windows. In this method we can boot many ISO in single Pen Drive.

Half the Internet Down Today: Probably Why:-
In the world many of people use the internet. But sometime the sites are taking to much time or not loading page. 

Spy or Tracking Any Android or IOS Device:-
This trick about to spy any Android Device and Iphone. In this trick we can track gps location, messeage, call history, Whats app chats, facebook messenger chat, File Manager, Gallary etc.

Top WiFi Information and Optimization Utilities:-
This trick about to study your wireless network home, work and other areas. Identify rooms or spots where there is signal weakness, interference between wireless device, obstacles that might cause dips in performance and rogue connection.

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